Sellers Testimonials

“Lynn was always available when I needed her and was always willing to answer any questions I had. I never felt like I was asking a “dumb” question. She made my husband and I feel extremely at ease during such a stressful time. Always honest and up-front with us – never felt like I was getting the “run-around” “  

~Sara R. - Mililani


“It was a spur of the moment decision that my wife and I made to sell our home in Mililani Mauka.    The cost of homes was changing, and we counted on Lynn to get a good price for four bedroom two story home. Lynn had been keeping an eye out even before we decided to sell. We had discussed the prospects during earlier meetings, but had not made a final decision. With the equity from the sale we were able to refinance out present home at 4.25% and we have also acquired a rental condominium in Wahiawa.   Even though Lynn was the broker in charge for an office in Kapolei she always managed to be available when we had questions and always kept in touch with prospective buyers.    With the sale of our home, she went out of her way to keep us informed and get the best price for us. She had to have spent many hours on the phone with my wife and myself during sale period. “

~G. R. - Wahiawa


"We hired Lynn to sell our Mililani Home, due to job transfer to Georgia.   We pride ourselves in knowing Mrs. Wilkinson, she put us, her customers first.   She continually was aware of her responsibilities to her client.  She kept in touch with us after we left our home in her hands to complete the sale.  She used every method available and the latest technology that saved us both time and money and expedited the sale.  Her selling techniques and technology allowed us the flexibility and freedom to work on our terms.  She took pride in her work and demonstrated this fact that she was working for us and not against us and that was very evident throughout the entire process.  She was there for all appointments to ensure all the repairs and inspections were conducted in accordance with our instructions."


~Joseph & Beverly G - Mililani

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